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The Avatar® Course


The Avatar® Course


The goal of the three-section Avatar® course is to guide you in an exploration of your own belief system and to help you develop the skills to change the things you would like to change in your life.

The three sections take you on an amazing exploration of your own consciousness, how it works, what helps you to achieve your goals and where you stand in your own way. The Avatar® course is a step by step journey to develop the skills you need to create the success you want. You come away with a new sense of excitement about life.


ReSurfacing® is the first weekend of the nine-day-course but can also be taken as an independent 2-day workshop.

The ReSurfacing® Workshop takes you on a personal journey where you discover and experience the direct effect which your beliefs have on your life. You re-discover yourself! Simple yet powerful exercises lead to increased ability to control attention, a quieting of the mind and an understanding of your own belief blueprint. True compassion for others and excitement for inspiring goals begin to grow.



In section II you develop an intuitive sense of perception which is more powerful and effective than intellectual thinking. You learn how to observe without distorting judgements or labels. You re-connect with the excitement of life. From this new foundation you develop the ability to create the things in your life which you prefer.



Section III is where you learn how to let go of the things that stand in your way. You learn how to use ‘discreating’ to successfully handle limitations, issues with self and others, dependencies and other persistent conditions. Avatar® graduates experience a dramatic increase of personal strength, a readiness to meet the future and confidence in their own ability to create success in their lives. Life is again the adventure that it should be!

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Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses

The Avatar® Masters Course

Life will at times throw challenges at you. The Avatar® Master Course develops the skills to maintain a stable, calm and self-controlled presence no matter what happens around you. It is about an authentic, relaxed connection with others which inspires people to go for and achieve goals which at first may appear impossible. It teaches how to successfully handle discouragement and how to easily stay the course to achieve your dreams. The Master Course is a nine day course and is delivered several times per year in Europe and the USA. Prerequisite: The Avatar® Course and an invitation from your Avatar® Master.



The Avatar® Professional Course

The Avatar® Professional Course offers a playful exploration of the hidden identities and resistances that hold us back from achieving genuine success. It develops the ability to be present and real and brings students to a deep connection with their higher purpose. The Professional Course takes 7 days and is held twice a year in Germany and Florida. Prerequisite: The Avatar® and Master Courses.



The Avatar® Wizard Course

[Prerequisite: The Avatar® and Master Courses]

The Avatar® Wizard Course is a gateway to an awareness which is broader than yourself and opens a genuine interest in how to make a difference for others and for the world. It gently guides you into the deepest regions of consciousness. You travel through the labyrinth of confusion and indoctrination that generally passes for waking consciousness. You journey on to the regions of mind and subtle perceptions into the core of identities. Along the way you free awareness from forgotten, neglected, and resisted issues that undermine your power and confidence. The Wizard Course is a 13 day course held once a year in Florida.