About Us


About Us

Whatever success is for you – the Avatar tools will help you get there

Peter and Christina have been together as partners in life, dance and business for more than 35 years. Some of their successes on the way include:


  • Austrian Champions in ballroom dancing representing Austria at European and World Championships.

  • Building a successful life in London from arriving with two suitcases and savings for eight weeks.

  • Starting a company out of their spare room which grew to become the global market leader in its field.

  • Receiving a range of business awards during these years with the highlight of the UK Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2015.

  • Successfully selling their company in 2015 to pursue their purpose of helping others to become successful by using the tools of the Avatar® training.

Peter and Christina consider it their biggest success that they have created a fulfilling family life raising two happy and responsible kids (now young adults) who are using the Avatar® tools to live their dreams and their purpose. 


"Even though I have been successful throughout most of my life I found my life purpose when I started my own Avatar® path in 2003.
If everyone would only become aware of the power within which the Avatar® tools can awaken their life could be very different. Less struggle, less worry and much more fun and joy while creating success!”

Portraitpicture Christina Dobner
Portrait Picture Peter Dobner


"Coming from a natural sciences background I found the Avatar® training a complete revelation, opening a whole additional playing field beyond the intellectual abilities of the mind.
I have always enjoyed working with and empowering others, being able to do this delivering the Avatar® course brings everything I enjoy together."

Christina and Peter are also available for talks and presentations individually or as a team